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May days 2009 001

Taken at the 2009 Edition of the Kaslo Show and Shine.

This photo shows Dan MacLander’s ‘32, and his brother Doug’s ‘56  Chevy wagon both live in Cloverdale and drove up for the show and shine.

In between is John Allen from Kaslo’s 32 Ford.

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New for 2017 – Wheel Changing Competition
For 2017 we are adding a wheel changing competition for teams of two people. Entry fee will be $5.00 per team with all net proceeds going to a Local Charity. Rules are very simple as follows. Team members will each start by undoing all wheel nuts on their wheel - Don't lose the nuts - and then taking their wheel to the other side of the axle and installing it on that side. All wheel nuts will be torqued at 50 Ft Lbs to start. and contestants must use the supplied four way manual wheel wrenches. Timing starts on the timers mark and ends when the last team member puts his wrench down and raises his arms to indicate he is done, Wheels will be checked to ensure there is no wobble on the studs. Wheel nuts that are finger lose will be assessed a 10 second penalty on the teams time. Form up your teams - challenge your friends and be sure to get the kids and wives involved. Prizes awarded as follows First Prize - 15% of entry fees collected. Second Prize - 10% of Entry Fees collected Third - 5% of entry Fees collected. The remaining 70% will be donated to a local Charity.